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  General terms and conditions for on-line booking

General terms and conditions for on-line booking 

These terms and conditions settle the procedure of travel services (hereinafter referred to as Services) sale via the Internet.

The services vendor is Intourist. — a legal person set up according to Russian legislation, registered in the Russian federal registry, number PTO 019567, having the guarantee of SPAO "RESO-Garantiya", Contract № 1306765510 of 06.12.2017.

The services Customer is an individual person — an Internet user .


1.1 Booking

The Customer using the reservation system forms an order for Services and forwards it to the Company. Each Order has its unique identification number, which is shown on the booking form.

In exceptional cases (when hotel booking is requested) Intourist reserves the right to change the previously confirmed hotel to a similar or a higher standard with no extra charge. Intourist informs the Customer of such change immediately.

1.2 Payments:

The client should make 100% pre-payment for booking during 72 hours (with the exception of holidays and days off fixed by the Russian legislation) from the moment the order was created. This rule is obligatory. In case the booking is not paid during 72 hours from the creation, our stuff can cancel this booking without notification.

The Customer pays the Company the full price of services according to the price shown on the screen at the time of booking. Orders, which haven’t been paid or have been paid not in full, will not be processed by the Company.

All payments are made by credit cards via the Internet . Visa and Master Card are accepted. Security of payments is ensured by the SSL protocol for confidential data transmission from the client to the Russian Standart Bank server for further processing. Subsequently data are transmitted via the highly secure banking networks. The received confidential customer’s data (card details, registration info etc.) are collected and processed at the processing centre, and not on the Intourist web-site. Thus, Intourist can’t obtain personal and banking data of the customer, including those concerning products he purchased in other shops. When transaction is processed via Russian Standard Bank the card owner automatically receives an e-mail notifying him of all transactions generated.

All prices are given in rubles, and include VAT (20%). All total amounts include VAT (according to the Russian legislation).

Hotel reserves the right to charge registration fee if applicable and deposit for extra services upon check in. Fees are set by the hotels independently. All extra services are paid directly to the hotel.


Within 24 hours (with the exception of holidays and days off fixed by the Russian legislation) from the moment the order was received and paid for, the Company forwards to the Customer a confirmation or a refusal concerning Services rendering. In case the confirmation is received the Company guarantees that the Services will be rendered to the Customer. In case of refusal, The Company offers an alternative Service to the Customer if such substitution does not satisfy the Customer, the payment is refunded to the Customer in full.


The Customer using the reservation system may change or cancel his order. The Customer singly performs all the operations with his order created in the reservation system. The Company’s staff doesn’t accept and process any requests, changes or cancellations made by telephone, fax, e-mail or in any other way except through the reservation system.

3.1 Cancellations

If the tourist is a no show in the hotel, the Customer pays penalty to the Company in the amount stated for each Service in the terms and conditions. In case the order is cancelled, 3.5% of the total amount will be deducted for the bank services.

3.2 Changes

Any changes in the order are considered as the order cancellation and creation of a new one with paying appropriate penalty to the Company, if applicable.

In cases when the Customer stops using the ordered Services before the appointed time he should send a written request to the Company. In this case the Company may return the Customer the amount of money not exceeding the full price of Services for unused days from the day coming after the moment service was terminated. Such refund can only be made if it is confirmed by the Service provider.


In case the Customer has any complaints while using the Services he should state his complaint in written form, attach relevant documents, leave a copy of the complaint with the Service provider and forward another copy, signed by the Provider, to the Company. Within 30 days the Company will either indemnify the Customer for losses or give a reasoned refusal. In any case the amount of losses subject to compensation by the Company can’t exceed 100% full price of the Services that were purchased but not used by the Customer.

The Customer should apply with the claim within 20 days after the end of services.

In exceptional cases the Company can change the hotel for another one in the same city and of the same class or higher without changing the previously confirmed accommodation price.


If mutual settlement of accounts is transacted between the Customer and the Company, and the Company should made full or partial refund to the Customer, this refund is made in the same way and in the same form as the payment was received by the Company.


Intourist is liable (in accordance with the Russian Federation Laws) for the material detriment caused to the Customer by inadequate services except the cases when the infringement of Customer’s rights was the result of Force Majeure.

The Customer is liable for the fulfillment of all the obligations to Intourist and for the material detriment inflicted on Intourist.

The Customer who sends the booking request represents interests of all tourists included in the booking form and is responsible for the correctness of personal data in the completed booking form and shall bear responsibility for the performance of obligations mentioned herewith by all tour participants, including obligation to pay cancellation fee, if necessary.

The parties are not responsible for not fulfilling their obligations under circumstances outside their control (Force Majeure), including but not limited to any natural disasters (earthquake, flood, typhoon, epidemic, fires), wars or other military actions, strikes, governmental embargoes, restrictions, riots, acts of terrorism, rebellions or revolutions, vandalism, sabotage or acts of third parties. Each party should immediately inform the other of the case of Force Majeure.


In case a transfer has been booked from airport Sheremetievo (terminals D, E, F), the client after passing Passport Control & Customs formalities should leave the Customs Zone and go to the Intourist Service Desk located in the Arrival Hall in terminal F and report himself there.

Location of Intourist Service Desk: terminal D, 1st floor.

In case a transfer has been booked from airport Domodedovo, the client after passing Passport Control & Customs formalities should leave the Customs Zone and go to the Intourist Service Desk located in the Arrival Hall and report himself there.

The number of Intourist Service Desk in the Arrival Hall is K7.


The reservation system isn’t assigned for tourist groups. All group reservations should be sent to the Company by e-mail.

If you have any questions please contacts:

Phone: +7 (495) 234-00-23
Post address: LLC Touroperator INTOURIST, 129090 Moscow, Kalanchevskaya st, 16 build 1, floor 2, room 3D


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 General terms and conditions for on-line booking