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Major sights

Distaff. Exposition in National Museum of Komi Republic.

Syktyvkar is the center of the cultural life in the republic. The oldest museum of the Republic of Komi, the National Museum, was founded in 1911. Nowadays, the National Museum is the Literature Memorial Museum of Ivan Kuratov, the founder of Komi literature, and the museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. There is a Republican Theater of opera and ballet, National theater of music and drama, Savin State Academy Drama Theater and one of favorite places among inhabitants of Syktyvkar — a Philharmonic Society of the Republic.

National Museum of Komi Republic. The largest and the oldest museum of the Republic of Komi was founded on the 17th of October 1911 on the basis of a collection of objects of ethnography, archaeology, paleontology and a small library. Its founder and the first director was А.А. Tsember, ethnographer, teacher and historian.
Address: Kommunisticheskaya Str., 6. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 24–11–73

The museum of Archaeology and Ethnology of Syktyvkar Stare University is not only an educational basis for student, but also the concentration of the activity of archeological and ethnological expeditions of the university. Exhibitions of archeological materials reflect cultural and chronological principles of the exposition beginning with the Mesolithic epoch. Ethnological materials reflect traditional culture and contain ethnological information on the main occupations and material culture.
Cathedral of Stefan Perm in city of Syktyvkar.
Address: Kommunisticheskaya Str., 26. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 24–55–64

The Theatre of Opera and Ballet. The theatre was opened in 1958 when on the 26 of august the first performance of Eugene Onegin was presented. At the moment the theatre is developing rapidly and it’s management is working on turning it into one of the most up-to-date  and  popular place for the modern audience.
Address: Kommunisticheskaya Str., 32. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 24–50–46

Drama Theater of V.Savin. In 1930 Victor Savin, a poet, playwright, stage manager and actor, founded the Drama theatre of the Republic of Komi and the theatre still carries his name. Nowadays this theatre is one of centers of spiritual and artistic culture of all people who live in the republic. Plays of Nicolai Diakonov, Vasili Lecanov, Alexandre Larev and other are familiar to everybody who knows the history of Komi culture. In 1966 the Drama theatre has the status of the Academic theatre.
Address: Pervomaiskaya Str., 56. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 24–10–60

Republican Philharmonic Hall provides many-sided concert activities; Asya Kya (Dawn) State Song and Dance Group, Parma (Taiga) Art Group, Sigoudek Song and Dance Group have always been very popular with the local people.

Syktyvkar in night.

National Gallery of the Republic of Komi. The National Gallery was founded in Syktyvkar in 1943. It hosts exhibitions from different museums of the country.
Address: Kirova Str., 44. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 24–05–07

Syktyvkar night clubs:

Nightclub “Bashnya” (Tower). Address: Pervomaiskaya Str., 40. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 215264
Nightclub “Arnedo”. Address: Zavodskaya Str., 21. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 215003
Nightclub “Amerika”. Address: Kirova Str., 56. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 446023
Nightclub “9000 meters”. Address: Malysheva Str., 31. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 517047
Nightclub “NEMO”. Address: Pushkina Str., 20A. Contact phone: +7 (8212) 216763

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